How Much Can Businesses Save with Telecommuting Robots?

When telecommuting robots cost tens of thousands of dollars, it was pretty hard to justify the expense. In any case, spotty video from choppy bandwidth made them impractical in many instances. Times have changed. Now, telecommuting robots can be found in the price range of a laptop while fat pipe Wi-Fi delivers dependable streaming video […]

Case Studies in Telepresence

Teleconferencing has been around since the 1930s but it didn’t become a standard for business until the web blended voice and video in the 1990s. Adding a face to the voice made B2B meetings more personal and simplified communications. At the time, video calls were the cutting-edge of business communication and management techniques. That was […]

10 Technologies That Took a While to Really Catch On

Have you ever had an idea so good that people just laughed at it? As a wise philosopher once said, “Haters are going to hate.” Here is a short list of some very good ideas that people just couldn’t get behind at first, but time and the market were on their side in the end. […]