DoubleCare Extended Warranty

Do you use a Double for telecommuting to important meetings? Would you like to protect your investment beyond your present warranty? Many customers feel the same way. In response to their requests, Double Robotics is now offering an extended warranty. Same Service for a Longer Time You now have the option to purchase an extended […]

Double to Visit ATD Learning Technology Conference in Houston

We’re attending a day of technology-based learning on April 9th.  The day will include a keynote presentation from Chad Udell, Managing Director of Float Mobile Learning, break-out sessions, vendor expo and lots of time for networking with your peers. Hosted by the Houston Chapter Association for Talent Development, the Technology Expo: Learning Technology Applied  will also […]

Double to Visit Carroll University Center for Graduate Studies

We’re gearing up to visit the beautiful campus of the Carroll University Center for Graduate Studies in Waukesha, Wisconsin this Thursday! We’ll be attending a special workshop hosted by the Society for Marketing Professionals Services (SMPS) Wisconsin Chapter on Client Development: The Key to Winning Work. Highlighting the event is a presentation by Matt Rebro, CPSM, a General Manager for ASI […]

Fall ITA Conference Showcases Double During Talk on Remote Consulting

What better way to show the power of telepresence tech at conferences, then to speak at one remotely? During a powerful session on Successful Approaches for Consulting Remotely at the 2014 ITA Fall Collaborative in National Harbor, Maryland this year, one of the facilitators, Mara Vedral, President of SilverEdge Software Systems, did something a little unique. During her […]

New Audio Kit for Double Robot

Sometimes classrooms, conference rooms and trade shows can be noisy. Powered by the Double base, the new Audio Kit is an amplified speaker and directional microphone that makes communicating better with your telepresence technology.  For $99, the speaker and mic connect to the top of your base right below your IPad. For current customers, a free firmware and iOS […]

Why Portalarium Chose to Use TelePresence Technology

Some of the team members at Portalarium, Inc. developers of the video game Shroud of the Avatar, recently shared their story on why they turned to telepresence technology. Following the move of their CEO, Richard Garriott, from their main office in Austin, Texas to New York City, the game development team back in Austin needed an effective […]

Better Living Through Teleportation: 3 Ways to Love Your Telepresence Robot

The news is full of stories of how the next generation of telepresence robots are eliminating business expenses and making collaboration more practical across time zones, but those stories are missing the point. Robots are cool. Ask any six-year-old what they would do with a robot and you will get a more reasonable assessment of […]

How Much Can Businesses Save with Telecommuting Robots?

When telecommuting robots cost tens of thousands of dollars, it was pretty hard to justify the expense. In any case, spotty video from choppy bandwidth made them impractical in many instances. Times have changed. Now, telecommuting robots can be found in the price range of a laptop while fat pipe Wi-Fi delivers dependable streaming video […]

Case Studies in Telepresence

Teleconferencing has been around since the 1930s but it didn’t become a standard for business until the web blended voice and video in the 1990s. Adding a face to the voice made B2B meetings more personal and simplified communications. At the time, video calls were the cutting-edge of business communication and management techniques. That was […]