Fall ITA Conference Showcases Double During Talk on Remote Consulting

What better way to show the power of telepresence tech at conferences, then to speak at one remotely? During a powerful session on Successful Approaches for Consulting Remotely at the 2014 ITA Fall Collaborative in National Harbor, Maryland this year, one of the facilitators, Mara Vedral, President of SilverEdge Software Systems, did something a little unique. During her portion of the presentation, Maria brought on to the stage her co-presenter live via telepresence robot. Forgoing twice the travel and event expenses, ITA attendees had an additional voice on the subject for the cost of one. The session was also joined by other facilitators who helped attendees learn best practices on how to run successful remote engagements by understanding the mindset of a remote client, knowing when to travel and when not to and understanding the tools to support remote engagements.

Double presenting at 2014 ITA Fall Collaborative Conference

Adam Sitterding, SilverEdge, on the Double presenting at 2014 ITA Fall Collaborative Conference with Maria Vedral

But, the Double wasn’t there just for presentation purposes. Maria and her Double then made their way throughout the conference hall talking to attendees and inviting others to remote into the Double to meet and greet. “Is there someone you’d like to bring into the conversation that isn’t here today,” Maria would ask. By sending a quick email invitation from the app, Maria was able to bring to the conference other IT professionals, collegues and even family members from all over the world.

One of the attendees and presenters, Neil Wainwright, Co-Founder of Nexonia, invited his 14-year-old daughter from Canada to join in a conversation. She was able to connect with him as if she was standing right there in the room. In fact, the connection felt so real for her, that others standing with the two could see her wiping a tear away from her eye as she signed off.

Neil Wainwright of Nexonia and his wife Kim at ITA Fall Collaborative Conference with Double Robot

Neil Wainwright of Nexonia and his wife Kim with Maria Vedral

Kevin Martin at ITA Collaborative with Double Robot

Kevin Martin, Martin & Associates, at ITA Fall Collaborative with Double Robot

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