New Audio Kit for Double Robot

Sometimes classrooms, conference rooms and trade shows can be noisy. Powered by the Double base, the new Audio Kit is an amplified speaker and directional microphone that makes communicating better with your telepresence technology.  For $99, the speaker and mic connect to the top of your base right below your IPad.


For current customers, a free firmware and iOS app update will allow Double to be compatible with the Audio Kit. It’s expected that the first production run of 500 devices will sell fast and will start shipping in January. A second production run will occur in February.

More information on the audio kit can be obtained by emailing Mara Vedral at or tweeting to @meandmydouble.


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  1. The Double from toy to tool | Applied Abstractions said on June 7, 2015 at 8:49 am:

    […] but it was on a separate charger and did not work very well. Double Robotics came up with an Audio Kit upgrade which largely has solved the problem – I can now generate enough clear sound that I […]

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