“It’s as if Apple designed the robot itself.” – NYTimes

“The interactions will help to boost information sharing and productivity, lessening the need for managers to physically make the rounds.” – Kiplinger

“What’s amazing is how fast people move past it being a robot,” schools superintendent Stewart McDonald said. “It’s not a robot, it’s you. You get to be in more than one place.” – Juneau Empire

“…incredibly creative iPad stand that works as a robotic body double for you.” – TechCrunch

“…brings telepresence to the masses” – Engadget

“Welcome to the future.” – Uncrate

“Double Robotics may have a hit on its hands…” – TUAW

“Simple to use” – Yahoo! News

“Double is different.” – TIME

“It’s a looker, too, with a futuristic, minimalist design…” – IEEE Spectrum

“…it’s sleek and beautiful and intelligent. In a word, sexy.” –VentureBeat

“Driving the Double is a very simple process with almost no learning curve.” – Cali Lewis, GeekBeat

Leo Laporte unboxes and tests out Double Robotics’ Double –Leo Laporte, TWiT

“Easy setup, Good construction, A breeze to use” “Within minutes, I was logged in on my laptop and driving Double, which weighs about 15 pounds, through the office.” – Mashable

“A telepresence robot offers one major advantage: mobility.” “It’s easy to dismiss Double as a pricey remote-controlled iPad toy. But with companies rethinking their telecommuting policies, telepresence robots could become a viable compromise for employers and employees. With its ease of use and relative affordability Double can fill that need nicely.” – Macworld

“The Double can be an invaluable resource for the right company and right workers—especially those who put a premium on flexible work arrangements and in-person face time.” – PCMag

“…Double Robotics seems to have a corner on it because its product is affordable and simple.” – Ars Technica