1. Be the Talk of Your Next Meeting.

Imagine entering into the conference room, not as your human self, but as a robotic version of yourself. While it may take a moment for your colleagues to adjust to this new, instantaneously, present version of you (when travel isn’t possible), you’ll certainly be seen as an innovator. When things return to business as usual, it will be just like you’re actually present in the room. You’ll be able to talk to your colleagues at eye level as you adjust your height with the motorized height adjustment feature and can swivel and turn to be a part of the conversation. No more waiting for someone to set up a scheduled meeting and video chat.

2. Never Miss an Important Client or Offsite Meeting.

Sometimes meetings happen on the fly. In the spur of a moment, your clients or co-workers need to get together and talk about an urgent matter. Your presence is required, but a phone conference or video chat just isn’t the same as showing up. By “teleporting” to the room, you’re instantly there. Your permanent presence is a constant reminder that you go above and beyond to provide support to your customers and co-workers.

3. Avoid the Hassles of Setting up Video Conference Calls.

Even with a fixed video conferencing set-up in the room, it can be a hassle to schedule meetings, get all the technology set-up and do so without any hiccups. By inviting others to your Double in the room you can quickly have a two-way video call with anyone, almost anywhere.

4. Attend Trade shows and Conferences without Traveling (Did We Mention You’ll Be the Coolest Person in the Room?)

Trade shows and conferences are a valuable way to connect with peers, customers and vendors. However, they can sometimes be costly to attend, requiring time away from the office and travel expenses.  Sending your Double to an event with colleagues is a great way to attend, without leaving the office.

5. Always Have a Robot Version of Yourself (Think of the Possibilities of Being Present in Two Places at Once…)

Being in control of your motorized movable self presents a number of possibilities. Surgeons can consult with other surgeons in the room across the globe at a moment’s notice. Manufacturing executives can quickly walk the factory floor to inspect quality and talk to floor managers. Project managers can work with teams across the country without billing the client for expensive travel.

6. Bridge the Gap Between Formal and Informal Meetings with Others.

Let’s face it. There are dozens of ways to communicate. Each have their own benefits. Formal, scheduled meetings tend to be more serious-minded, involve more participants meeting in person and happen less frequently. Informal meetings are more agile and happen more often. The ability to be in-person and in the room without requiring others to set-up technology, sometimes at a moment’s notice, is why having a Double is a huge advantage in the workplace.

7. Have a Little Fun with Your Colleagues or Clients.

Sometimes you need to have a little fun in the workplace. It keeps people engaged and happy. Do something a little different that can make an impact on how you work (and play).

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