Why Portalarium Chose to Use TelePresence Technology

Some of the team members at Portalarium, Inc. developers of the video game Shroud of the Avatar, recently shared their story on why they turned to telepresence technology. Following the move of their CEO, Richard Garriott, from their main office in Austin, Texas to New York City, the game development team back in Austin needed an effective way to virtually stay in touch with Richard every day. Turning to the Double, Richard now logs in every day first thing in the morning to his Double and drives around the Austin office to meet with various team members. He currently spends about 3 weeks a month working in the Austin office from New York using telepresence technology instead of the phone or video conferencing.

…it is so close to ‘being there,’ that we often forget, if for certain meetings, whether I was present physically or present telerobotically.

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